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Sep 16

Lazy Sunday Crafting

Lazy Sunday Crafting

Aug 16

Because they are just so mainstream. Don’t mind my banners, they are just for fun!

Because they are just so mainstream. Don’t mind my banners, they are just for fun!


Aug 15

Favorite Thrift Finds of the Week!

I go thrifting almost every wednesday at my local salvation army. I vow to always spend less than $20 and refuse to pay for clothing articles that are more than $5. I highly recommend thrifting because there are just some wonderful fashion finds that are dirt cheap! These are only SOME of the pieces I bought and currently obsessed with.

  1. Anne Klein Blazer: this blazer is obviously well made because it is branded. But the little badges it has on the pocket make it look super preppy. It looks amazing on any dress or outfit.
  2. Red Sweater Thing (?): I’m unsure what this is exactly, but i know it comes across as very vintage and would go great with leather pants and sunnies.
  3. Pale Pink Cableknit Sweater: There are just so many diy things I can do with this, or even keep it as is! I am probably going to keep it simple and turn it into a off shoulder weather, perfect for the warm months.
  4. Ultra Pink Plaid Shirt Dress: This is just enough length to be called a dress on me, and you can never go wrong with plaid!

Aug 14

DIY Crayon Art!

This is by far the easiest craft I have ever done. All you really need are crayons, canvas, hot glue and a hair dryer. I highly recommend this to beginner crafters like myself. It looks stunning and awesome despite it being effortless to make!

Aug 13

ATTENTION: Copious Shoppers!

Time for a wardrobe change! I am currently selling these four items on my copious account. I am fairly new at this, but I am excited for these pieces to find a new home. So please take a look! And if you are new to copious. THIS PLACE IS FRICKEN AWESOME. 


  1. Peach Pink Crop Top $3.50:
  2. Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Floral Romper $4.00:
  3. American Eagle Gray Cable Knit Cardigan $8.00:
  4. Sheer Abercrombie Mint Green Striped Shirt $3.00:

Aug 12

DIY Day Planner

So I bought a planner from target, and I fell in love with the inside, it was exactly what I needed to keep myself organized and ready for college. I liked the color but I felt like I needed to take it to the next level and plus, I already messed up thecover with crayon marks -__- I decided to DECOUPAGE. I am completely in love with it now! 



Aug 11

Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can never go wrong with cookies. I for one, am very picky about my cookies, especially the classics. This recipe I found is the very best version I have found of this cookie. It’s crispy, chewy, gooey and UGHHH its just so good! My treat bags just added to their deliciousness. SMILEY COOKIE IS HAPPPPPPPPY.

Link for the recipe:

Aug 09

DIY Graduation Cap!

Some people on their college graduation decorate their caps so they will be easily seen by their families. This is my high school graduation cap. During that time, Michael’s were on graduation decoration overload! But, I couldn’t help adding a personal touch (MY UNICORN <3).